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“In Cooperation with British-Palestinian Network for MH, & Birzeit University Friends Association Dr Abu Jamei Shares MH Experience In Gaza Context”

Director General of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, has provided on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 another presentation under the title “Trauma and Hope” in cooperation with the British-Palestinian Network for Mental Health, and Birzeit University Friends Association.

Dr Abu Jamei provided through his presentation his first hand experience of the conditions on the ground in the Gaza Strip, the psychological impacts and the work being undertaken by Mental Health professionals in Gaza.

The presentation was attended by academics and students, and other individuals interested in the Palestinian cause.

This cross-cultural activity comes as part of Dr Abu Jamei’s visit in the UK, through which he shared GCMHP’s specialized services for Gaza population as well as the nature of the needs, the types of interventions  and the challenges faced.