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“IN Cooperation With PHR And MoH, GCMHP Conducts Group of Capacity Building Training Sessions in MH”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has held on Thursday, April 13, 2023,  a series of professional activities and training sessions in Gaza City, in cooperation with Physicians for Human Rights, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health - General Directorate of Mental Health.

The activities were conducted by a group of Palestinian psychologists, experts and doctors from Physicians for Human Rights, who completed the second part of the training courses, which included Wechsler Intelligence Scale, Traumatic Event Reduction, and Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities. A workshop entitled, ‘Children in Risk’ was also organized as part of the activities.

The trainings were attended by a group of professionals and psychologists working at the Palestinian Ministry of Health and GCMHP.

At the end of this day, GCMHP staff expressed their appreciation for everyone who contributed to the success of the activities which come within the professional framework of building and developing the capabilities of workers in the field of mental health and improving the services provided to the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip.