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“Supporting Children And Helping Helpers, GCMHP Conducts Both Psychodrama, And Supervision Sessions”

Providing psychological support for most vulnerable children in marginalized areas across the Gaza Strip, and building the capacity of services providers, GCMHP has provided group psychodrama sessions for 8 children in the10-13 age group, in Jabalia, and conducted supervision sessions 

The sessions (8 out of 12) were conducted by GCMHP MH specialists in cooperation with Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, and Al-Sahel Developmental Society.

 Four boys and 4 girls from Jabalia, who were selected based on the results of  the SDQ analytical tool, attended the sessions, which are carried out  as part of Project’s ‘Providing Comprehensive Protection And Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for Children in Jabalia and Gaza’, which is funded by oPt – HF.

On the other hand, Dr Sami Oweida, a GCMHP  psychiatrist, specialized in children mental, provided 4 group supervision sessions, out of 12, for 12 male and female specialists working at Awda Health Society, Atfaluna Society. The sessions focused on cases that the specialists deal with and how to tackle challenges they face during their professional interventions.

As well as technically supporting the team, the sessions aimed at  exchanging experiences and success stories.