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“GCMHP’s Director General at Harvard University; University of Massachusetts Boston To Present MH Situation In Gaza”


Concluding his campaign in the US for supporting the mental health situation in the Gaza Strip, Director General of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei has visited on Tuesday, 14 February, Harvard University and University of Massachusetts Boston, where he delivered presentations on  the psychosocial situation of Gaza 2-million population.

At three different symposiums at the two universities, arranged by Gaza Mental Health Foundation, Dr Abu Jamei explained the depth of the psychological challenges that households in Gaza contend with due to the continuity of the political and economic  problems and the state of insecurity.

The symposiums, attended by a host of academics, students, mental health experts and other people interested in the Palestinian affairs, provided room for interactive discussions.

Dr Abu Jamei also briefed the audience about the role of the mental health sector, not  least that of GCMHP as the sole organization which can provide specialized mental health services in the Gaza Strip.  

Dr Abu Jamei has been on a visit to the United States since January 23, 2023 to campaign for supporting mental health and human rights in the Gaza Strip after deterioration in the Mental health State has hit unprecedented levels.