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“Dr Abu Jamei Discusses with Congresswoman Jayapal Causes Of MH Crisis In Gaza”

As part of his 3-week itinerary in the US where he campaigns for supporting mental health situation in the Gaza Strip, Director General of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei has met on Friday, February 10, 2023, with Congresswoman,  Pramila Jayapal, Chair of US Progressives, to discuss the need to put an end to the mental health crisis, which the Gaza Strip population is enduring as a result of the ongoing Israeli blockade.

“Israel’s brutal, 15-year siege of Gaza is causing a mental health crisis for Palestinians. 4 of 5 children in Gaza are living with depression,” the congresswoman tweeted.

Dr Abu Jamei has been on a visit to the United States since January 23, 2023 to campaign for supporting mental health and human rights in the Gaza Strip whose population is suffering from an increasing deterioration in mental health situation as a result of a host of complex political and economic reasons.