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“Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Continues Providing Self Care and Stress Management Training in Cooperation with AMIDEAST”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Continues Providing Training Courses in the Methods and Techniques of Self Care and Stress Management Sessions for AMIDEAST Students

Targeting 400 boys and girls of high school students, Gaza Community Mental Health Progamme has continued providing training courses in the method and techniques of self care and stress management, which are delivered at the AMIDEAST headquarters in Gaza City and in different governorates. The students have been divided into 22 groups, each of which consists of 18 to 20 students to benefit from the two-hour sessions.

The course presents several topics in self-care, including the definition of psychological stress and its causes; dealing with psychological stress techniques, and the impact of psychological stress on professional and personal life. 

These sessions, starting from Jan 15th to the end of February 2023,are provided by experienced psychologists to ease the psychological pressure which the students experience in their daily lives and also to promote their awareness about the different stressors and how to deal with them.