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“In Cooperation with PHR and MoH, GCMHP Continues Provision of Advanced Metal Health Training for Professionals”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has continued a series of activities and training courses in advanced Mental health techniques in cooperation with Physicians for Human Rights, and the General Department of Mental Health of the Palestinian Ministry of Health. 

46 MH professionals and specialists from GCMHP and  the Palestinian Ministry of Health participated in the training course which was delivered by psychological experts from Physicians for Human Rights organization. 

PHR delegation, headed by Dr. Salah Haj Yahya, provided the completion of the three training courses about Wechsler Intelligence Scale, Traumatic Event Reduction, and Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities.  

At the end of the training activities, the administration of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme expressed its gratitude for this professional cooperation which is meant to further b uild the capacities of mental health workers in the Gaza Strip.