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“Enhancing Future Cooperation , Director General Abu Jamei Visits Chicago Torture Justice Center”


As part of his visit to the US to campaign for supporting mental health and human rights in the Gaza  

Strip and enhancing cooperation, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has visited on Jan 1, 2023 Chicago Torture Justice Center, where he met with Dr Nathaniel Gilham, the Clinical Director of the center, and other members from the clinical team.  


Dr Gilham and his team explained the services that CTJC  provides to people in Chicago, while dr Abu Jamei shared GCMHP’s experience in supporting the psychological wellbeing of the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip and championing human rights, not least those of the vulnerable groups.  


The meeting also included a discussion about ways of initiating future cooperation between GCMGP and CTJC.