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“‘You Give Us Hope, We Give You Resilience’”

addressing  professionals, academics and mental health specialists and human rights activists during a reception ceremony by Palestine Foundation in Los Angeles, Director General of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Dr Yasser Abu Jamei  spoke of mental health in the Gaza Strip and the challenging reality  resulting from long years of blockade and the volatile economic and political situation.

Dr Abu Jamei  also talked about the history and establishment GCMHP and its role in providing psychosocial support to the Palestinian community, citing the pioneering efforts of the Palestinian human rights and mental health figure, Late Dr Eyad El-Sarraj, who laid the bedrock of mental health in Palestine and established Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.  

“We look forward to seeing you all [in Gaza]as this shall give us some hope; and you, in turn can take resilience from us,” Dr Abu Jamei said during his speech at the reception ceremony.