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“GCMHP Initiates 16 Days Campaign Against GBV”


Under the theme ‘Protection is a Path not a Slogan’, Gaza Community Mental Health programme has launched today the 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls in the Gaza Strip. Along with raising awareness on violence against women and girls, the campaign is employing a variety of media tools and other offline activities to urge taking action both locally and globally and advocate for addressing this issue through knowledge exchange and innovation.


Among the activities the campaign includes is a TV programme entitled, "A New Beginning After Devorce", and a podcast entitled "Stop the Pandemic of Violence against Women", radio spots on local radios flagging forms of violence, printing educational brochures and educational posters, and broadcasting a short educational video.


Text messages with educational messages related to combating violence are also to be sent to thousands of community members, as well as awareness billboards bearing the hash tag “Women Are Born Free, They Are not Born To Be Humiliated”


In addition 4 educational meeting are to held in 4 different Universities across the Gaza Strip, to educate male and female university students on the negative impact of violence and raise their awareness on its different forms. Hundreds of students have been planned to attend these meeting in order to promote wider outreach.


A workshop entitled  "UNiTE! ACTIVISM TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN & GIRLS!” is to be held during the campaign. The workshop is to be attended by specialists in the field of women affaires, mental health and human rights from governmental, civil and international organizations.

The workshop focuses on three main themes: prevention, repercussions and interventions, and then it opens the door for discussion with the attendees, and summaries the most important recommendations to be shared with decision makers and stakeholders.


Notably the campaign aims to shed light on the reality of Palestinian women against the backdrop of the current circumstances, and the forms of violence and discrimination they are exposed to within, as well as the psychological and social effects resulting from these practices. Besides, the campaign will include a revision of the results of research and statistics related to violence against women, in addition to identifying women's rights enshrined in divine laws, international laws and customs, and urging all the concerned sides, decision makers and influencers to work on putting these laws into effect.